Main Screen

Simple Duplicate Finder Main Interface

Buttons :

Button Icon




Create New Project with the default settings and filters and empty folder list


Save the current Project settings and filters and folders list for later use.


Load a saved project ( Setting ,Folder and Filters )

Add Folder

Remove Selected

Clear All

Opens folder selection dialogue , Select one or more folders then click 'Select Folder'

Remove the selected 'Checked' folder(s) from the current folders list

Clear the current folder list.

Scan Type

What to Scan

All File Types : Scan for duplicates in ALL file types ( including Images and Audio ) with the selected option

Photo Files : Compare images with Similarity ratio or Resolution or Aspect ratio and image name or combination of them

Audio Files : Compares with audio tags ( Album - Title - Artist ) or ignore tags and compare only the data ( Audio content )

Scan Filters

Optional filters to narrow down the number of files to be scanned for duplicates.

Scan Filters

   Included File Types : Scan only the specified file types . you can choose from a predefined types using button or you can type it in this format ( *.PDF;*.DOC;*.TXT )

   Excluded File Types : Exclude the specified file types from the scan process .

   Scan File Size Range : Scan only the files with the specified size range .

   Scan File Date Range : Scan only the files with the specified date range